Who we are

Embrace a different approach.

Our Vision is to become the benchmark in delivering construction projects with transparency and collaboration, creating efficiencies in delivering projects.

We believe clients and stakeholders need the industry to be more open and transparent in the way projects are run. A big part of this is working towards changing the way construction projects are managed, procured and delivered. We believe a modern Construction Management or Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach can offer a better alternative to traditional models and we exist to serve clients who are tired of the old ways of construction.

This being said, whilst we are working towards our Utopia, we believe our approach based on our core values of Innovation and Collaboration can bring a new lease of life to the traditional procurement routes such as Design and Build contracts and we are fully prepared to take on projects requiring these methods of procurement.

If this resonates with you, this is where we can offer you higher value.

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Core Values

Our Core Values stem from collaboration and openness in delivering projects where all too often in Construction, vital detail to aid decision making is not visible enough from all parties until the opportunity to manage a risk has already passed. By bringing transparency and an open project environment we strive to reduce risk and deliver projects to and beyond expectations.

We also want to foster an environment that encourages Creativity and Innovation to allow people on our projects to find meaningful work, to motivate them to be better and go further. This in turn creates greater value for projects and a higher quality end result.

Awards & Accreditation
  • Considerate Constructors 2017 Bronze
  • Safe Contractor Approved