Who we are

We are a modern and progressive company that provides professional services for the construction and management of building projects from concept to completion.

Whilst we offer individual services as 'out-source' solutions to supplement your in-house needs, our main goal is to combine our core strengths of Project Planning, Commercial and Project Management to deliver projects as a whole on a Construction Management basis.

We want to partner with clients who share our values and work on projects that foster innovation and collaboration to truly change how construction projects are procured and delivered.

Core Values

Our values stem from collaboration and openness in delivering projects where all too often in Construction, vital detail to aid decision making is not visible enough from all parties until the opportunity to manage a risk has already passed. Through collaboration and creating an open project environment we strive to reduce risk and deliver projects to and beyond our client’s high expectations.

InCo Projects was established as we believe a higher level of service can be provided to all stakeholders during a project life cycle. Through innovation and collaboration over why and how we do things, we can demonstrate that higher value.